Marker Holders!!!

Now why didn’t I think of that?!?!?!  This post comes from Jean of The Artful Parent but the marker holder instructions are found in MaryAnn Kohl’s First Art.  Brilliant!!!!



Maia and I made marker holders as valentine’s gifts for our Art Group friends. We found the project in MaryAnn F Kohl’s First Art. I had seen and admired one that a friend had made and wanted to try it myself. The marker holders are great because the tops can’t get lost and it’s easier for toddlers to keep the markers from drying out. They are simple to make. You’re supposed to use an old metal flat-bottomed pan, such as a loaf pan. You’ll mix and pour plaster of paris into the metal pan, then stick the marker tops (not the whole marker) halfway into the plaster and let it harden before putting the markers back in the tops. Unfortunately I didn’t follow directions and used plastic bowls which turn out to act like molds (the plaster form slips out!) and which tilt when trying to put the markers in. I think they still work okay (I hope), but next time I’ll follow the directions!!


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