Blogs to Savor

Simplicity Parenting

Art for Small Hands

Preschool Daze

Remembering the days and daze of this preschool world.  This blog is written by a director and teacher of a small, non-profit preschool, “New Creation Preschool.”

Moon Child

The Artful Parent

My name is Jean and I am mama to two daughters — a four year old and a baby.  I’m trying to parent in a way that encourages creative expression, imagination, joyfulness, and a love of learning.

>>>Check out her Art Projects section here and her Artsy Ideas to Get You Started.


Childhood Magic

Kids Craft Weekly

Imagine Childhood

>>>Check out their Crafts & Activities section here.

With creativity scores lowering for the first time ever in the United States, imagination and good ‘old fashioned’ play have never been so important.  Homework comes in all shapes and sizes.  Before next class your assignment is to get out there and play… create imaginary worlds, make box cars and sling shots out of sticks and string and design a bridge to Never-land…because that’s where so many of the best ideas come from.

Exquisite Banana

A preschool teacher friend of mine, based in New York, created this blog about her vast interests which include (but are not limited to) food, travel, style, reading, design, humor, photography, art, hugs, education, culture, adventures, conversation, writing, romance, and, outdoor cafes. This is her forum to document and share the aforementioned (or really, a place to stash all of her many found treasures).  She is also a children’s book writer in the making and this is just a fun, whimsical blog that keeps my spirits up whenever I visit it!

Filth Wizardry

Waldorf in the Home: Resources for Nourishing Family Life by Rahima Baldwin Dancy and Cynthia Aldinger

Why Waldorf Works

Seasons of Joy

Art & Learning to Think & Feel – A collection of art education essays and art lessons by Marvin Bartel, Ed.D.

The Natural Child Project

Alternative Gift Registry


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