Cloth Diapering

I just now began to experiment with cloth diapering with my 16 month old son.  Yes, I waited that long and am hopeful of the transition even this late in the game!  Before Quetzal Sol was born, the thought of cloth diapering entered my mind but I did little more than briefly think about it.  I knew my mom had cloth diapered my sister and I but I had no friends or family that were cloth diapering at the time so I didn’t think anymore about it.  I was so into my pregnancy and learning about the various stages of growth while working full-time that researching it more in depth never really crossed my mind.  I also was busy getting his room in order during the one week I had off before his two week early arrival.

Now that we are contemplating having a second child, my entire perspective has changed.  I am just so amazed at how I am seeking out alternative birthing methods and diapering methods just because my mind is so much more open, especially after having met so many moms in the MOMS Club of East Nashville that have a wide-range of experiences to share.

After reading a fantastic article on cloth diapering in the May/June 2010 issue of Mothering Magazine, I was convinced that it was worth a try on my son for two very important reasons:

* Perhaps cloth diapers would be better for his skin and more comfortable on his most intimate parts (he always gets diaper rash with disposables and has had a total of three yeast infections so far that have required prescription medication; two of which occurred back to back in June and July).

* I am convinced they are a better alternative for our environment even taking into account the water and electrical consumption of laundering them.

We have always used disposables and never really questioned them until the yeast infections starting occurring.  After using the prescription medication,  we also started using over the counter Triple Paste in order to control his reoccurring diaper rash.  At $17.99 a pop, it’s become quite costly as we’ve had to use it for every single diaper change.  In slowly making the transition to cloth, we decided to start using chlorine-free diapers until our trial run diapers arrived from Jillian’s Drawers.

So far we are happiest with the FuzziBunz pocket diapers because we can stuff them with inserts for absorbtion, like the fact that the Polyester fleece used as the top layer of the diaper wicks moisture away and is soft for his skin, and they have snaps so he can’t take them off himself!  The bumGenius diapers have also worked well, but we do not like the velcro snaps which he has figured out how to manipulate!  A great advantage to pocket diapers like these is that you can customize the insert’s absorbency, increasing it for night use, naps, or heavy wetters.  The prefolds take getting used to but overall they are not as user friendly since they require three steps:  folding the prefold, keeping them in place with a Snappi, and then putting a cover over the prefold.  I’m sure in time I would become a master at that system, but in reality having a pocket diaper which acts like an all-in-one seems much more convenient.

Here are some really useful resources in getting started with cloth diapering:

Getting Started With Cloth, by Theresa Rodriguez Farrisi

Diapering Naturally – A Video Resource Section

Crazy for Cloth: The Benefits of Cloth Diapers, by Laura Schmitt

The ABCs of Going Cloth, by Elizabeth Gawlik

Jillian’s Drawers – Cloth Diaper Trial

I highly recommend this program which is essentially a cloth diaper rental program which in the end only costs you $10, plus shipping, to try a variety of brands to see if cloth diapering might even be an option for you.  We are in the middle of using this program and it has been a great experience seeing what cloth diapering system(s) works for us.  It has been great to not have to commit to any particular products but have a chance to feel it out.  The investment up front can be costly so buying cloth diapers without having tried them out ourselves was not an option for us.  In using the variety of options that Jillian’s Drawers has sent us to try, I am noticing that Quetzal Sol has not gotten diaper rash at all since we began using cloth and it is easier than I thought it would be overall.  We also were able to buy a sample of laundry detergent to see which detergent works best for us as well.  We are trying Charlie’s Soap, Allens Naturally, and Sensi-Clean.

Cloth Diaper Folding 101 (for use with pre-folds)

Cloth Diaper Folding 101 Part Two (for use with pre-folds)