Meal Planning Tips

From Amy Morotz of Alex’s World:

During the summer I’d been menu-planning and grocery shopping on Sundays, so that stayed the same. Coming up with a set menu was a bit more challenging. I still like trying out new recipes here and there, so most ‘themes’ are general, allowing for some recipe experimentation.

Monday- Soup Night with Fresh Bread (Monday is also our baking day)
Tuesday- Sloppy Joe Night
Wednesday- Pasta Night
Thursday- Leftovers!!
Friday- Crockpot Night
Saturday- (left open)
Sunday- Sunday Dinner- either a roasted chicken or beef roast.
I’ve already noticed that Alex (although only 3) has started to pick up on the rhythms. She looks forward not only to baking bread in the morning, but seeing it on the table alongside our soup on Monday nights. As I started to plan dinners, I also got the urge to plan our lunches– not only does it make it sooo much easier to have a gameplan when a ravenous preschooler descends on the lunch table, but it’s a great way to save money. It’s much easier to keep track of inventories and make sure that we actually use the food we buy, instead of throwing away spoiled goods. The most important point, however, is that we’re forming a foundation with our family dinners. It is one more way to cement our rhythms so that their meaningful and solid presence can be felt throughout the day (and the rest our lives).

These are two of the printables I’ve found most helpful in meal planning:

Freezer Inventory–
Menu Planner–



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